Merv Griffin

DC Video Contributes to Merv Griffin DVD Box Set

DC Video is proud to be able to contribute to Reelin' In The Years Productions release of the Merv Griffin DVD Box set. Thanks to David Peck and his team for the kind words and appreciation of our work in the liner notes.

As we discussed earlier, the archive exists in many different obsolete formats. There are very few people who know how to properly transfer these tapes and, most importantly, care about the work they are doing. In our opinion, David Crosthwait and his company DC Video are alone at the top in this field. David, along with his associate Craig Asato, spent an incredible amount of time getting these tapes to look their best. Transferring these obsolete tape formats requires extraordinary measures. For example, with some of the ½-inch open reel tapes, it took upwards of six hours to transfer one 60-minute reel to make it look its best. David and Craig’s extensive knowledge, passion and work ethic made this material look better than it ever had in the past. We really can’t stress enough the important role they played in the restoration of the entire Merv Griffin archive.
While David and Craig at DC Video performed miracles on some of this footage, the simple fact is that these tapes are very old and, as we discussed above, the material is housed on both broadcast and non-broadcast formats. Consequently, there will be imperfections and glitches here and there, but we felt, whenever that was the case, the shows in question represented important moments in the history of television and were worth including, even if some of them are in less than pristine form.

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